The Keuris Ensemble is a variable ensemble for actual music. Main goals are coaching for composers, recording, performing premieres of new written works  or works which are never or rare performed before. More then 60 string quartets, 100 different pieces and 10 silent movies are written for the ensemble.

Keuris Ensemble plays each year in EYE Filminstitute Amsterdam, Muziekhuis Utrecht, Keuris Composers Contest Amersfoort and Splendor Amsterdam to promote and play composition from Edition MatchingArts. From September 2022 till March 2023, the ensemble will be heard in seven new works together with seven artworks in museum Mondrian's House in Amersfoort in the exposition Onbegrensd. Next season the ensemble will launch a project for composers and conductors on a yearly base.

Composers who had their works premiered by Keuris Ensemble are a.o.: Uri Brener, Aspasia Nasopoulou, Martin Sadowski, Ting-Chuan Chen, Fabio Massimo Campogrosso, Jack Stone, Anne-Maartje Lemereis, Daan van de Hurk, Nathan Bonkerk, Devin de Vries, Heleen Verleur, Hans Bakker, Hu Xiao, YounWoo Yoo, Henry Kelder...

Beyond the Rocks (2021) HKU meets EYE with Keurs Ensemble
YouTube Keuris Ensemble Playlist


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